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Frequently Asked Questions

-Credit card

-Bank transfer-Eft

-Western Union, Upt, MoneyGram

-Unsold products are not refundable. Since it cannot be followed at what price it was sold and how it was displayed, no return purchases are made except for the FULL product.

Since we work with very low profit margins as a wholesaler, we will not have any discounts to serve you better. This is always an advantage for you, in order to protect our customers, you cannot see that the product you buy is sold at more affordable prices in other stores.

It is obligatory to become a member for billing and cargo information in order not to have any problems with our service.

All of our products are MADE IN TURKEY and the place of production is in Turkey.

We have an agreement with ARAS cargo in the country. For international shipments, TURPEX and PTT cargo, DHL, FEDEX, UPS are sent to all over the world.

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